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  • Although sexual assault is a huge problem within Greek communities and on college campuses across the nation, we believe that Greeks have the ability to eliminate this problem.  There are many different ways to get involved and we hope you will find the options below to be helpful!

    Starting GASA at Your University

    There are many different ways to make GASA successful at your school.  It is important that you think through the culture of your school and what will work best for your Greek community.  Here are some things to think about if you are interested in starting GASA:

    1.      There are many ways to make GASA successful.

    One option is the ‘UC Davis model’ where GASA is offered as a class on campus and taught by the Greek advisor, an individual with your campus violence prevention program, and an appointed GASA coordinator (a student).  Another option would be to have these individuals work together but offer GASA as an organization (no credit will be given).  And finally, you may decide that the best option for your campus is to train all the IFC and PHC officers and delegates.  Once they have been educated and trained they can take the information back to their individual chapters to pass on the information.

    2. We can provide you will a copy of our syllabus, class notes, and reading list that you can model your program off of.

    Please talk over these options with your advisor, IFC and PHC councils, and your women’s center or violence prevention center on campus.  A strong partnership between all of these individuals is essential to making GASA successful on your campus.

    Once you have talked to them, please let us know what other information you need and how we can help you!

    Of course every campus is different in its needs and individual Greek system, we hope that one of the three models mentioned above will work for you, but encourage you to personalize the program to be most successful on your campus.


    Syllabus                   Class Notes                       Sexual Assault Response Plan


    If you have questions, please click here.




    We are currently looking for University programs that direct sexual assault awareness and prevention education towards the Greek community to become members of our coalition.  As members of the coalition, your program joins the National movement to end sexual assault in the Greek community.  Each affiliate member will have access to a private site where they can communicate with other programs to share ideas and strengthen current programs.  There is NO cost to become part of the coalition.  To become a GASA affiliate, please click here.

  • GASA Facebook Group

    Feel free to check out the Greeks Against Sexual Assault Facebook group and invite everyone at your school to join!

    Greeks Against Sexual Assault Facebook Group


    Kingsley's Twitter Page

    Be sure to check out our National Director's twitter page to find out the latest news about GASA!

    National Director's Twitter Page

    Above all awareness and education are the most useful tools to end sexual assault.  Please use the websites found on our Links page as a starting point to find information. Many of the sites listed have presentations available for your campus.